9th Street Village taking coworking applications

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9th Street Village is home to a diverse collection of businesses owned and operated by artisans, makers, crafters, and creatives supported by on-site galleries and workspaces open to the public. Coworking and Artisan Spaces will be available to rent as well as makerspace memberships.

DIYcave, along with Stuart’s of Bend are open now. 9th Street Village is accepting applications for coworking offices and desks now accepting applications! Additional Artisan Spaces are coming soon. Stay tuned to see the whole vision for the Village unfold!!

To sign up for the coworking spaces, please come by the new space at 911 Armour St. on Wednesday’s 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm or Saturday’s from 11 am – 1 pm for the month of March. Pick up an application, see the vision of creating shared workspace and learn about what it takes to become a member! The application fee is $50, cash or checks only, please!



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  1. Jan Hill says:

    What a great idea–all of it! I know some freelance writers and a couple of startup business people who want to find a small space to work where they can get away from domestic distractions. They happen to live in Minnesota, but there must be lots of folks in Bend with the same dream.

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