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How DIYcave Works

DIYcave functions much like a health club. Instead of exercise equipment, we have tools… a lot of tools.

Memberships Membership gives you access to use our tools and workshop space to work on your projects. We provide the equipment and space to create.  You supply the materials and hardware needed for your creation. We have experts in many fields available to advise you and to help you in bringing your ideas to life. Check out our Membership Options here.

Classes  Our Classes are available to all. No membership needed. We offer a wide variety of classes to aid you in your DIY adventures. DIYcave Members get discounted pricing on classes. Visit our Class Schedule here.

Think it. Make it!

Meet the Founders

Aaron Leis
Aaron is a father of two daughters and husband of over 25  years to his wife, Charah. As owner of a drywall construction business by day, and computer tech by night Aaron is always busy tinkering with something. Aaron became a maker in that classic way that many kids get started: fixing the lawn mower. Take it apart, clean all the parts, put it back together.

Over the years Aaron discovered that most anything could be taken apart, assessed, improved and put back together. Eventually that mentality leads one to think “I could just make the solution to this problem instead of buying it”. And a Maker is born.

Dave Danek
When Dave was 6, he took apart his Dad’s electric drill and hid it in a box. When his Dad found out he got really mad and Dave quickly learned how to fix stuff! Since then, he’s dedicated his life to learning how to fix everything! Being a master furniture and cabinet builder by trade, Dave also has extensive art and design experience and brings all of these skills to the DIYcave team on a daily basis!

Dave has two amazing kids who astound him regularly with their own DIY skills and talents. When Dave isn’t making or fixing something, he’s usually with them, or tying flies and standing in rivers.

Tim Willis
Tim was raised fixing stuff. His dad was a high school industrial arts teacher who was always repairing and rebuilding everything and his mom taught him arts, crafts and homemaking skills by making the things she wanted instead of buying. With an awesome set of tools (his dad’s), wooden go-carts, bicycle repairs and modifications were just part of growing up. After two years of college studying business, new opportunities to took him to Alaska and resulted in a 30 year career in the fishing industry, and is now a licensed captain and engineer.

Tim and his wife Annie have been busy raising three children and remodeling homes together for the past 23 years . Today, he enjoys sharing his passion of reusing, repairing, rebuilding and repurposing with his family, friends and anyone else who shares the passion of seeing ideas become reality.

Tools At The Shop

Here’s a basic list of tools available for use at DIYcave. Give us a call (541-388-2283) or stop by to talk to us about the tools you need for your project.

Table Saw w/52″ fence
Table Saw w/25″ fence
15″ Planer
15″  Open-ended Wide-belt Sander
8″ Jointer
14″ Bandsaw
Benchtop Bandsaw
Scroll Saw
10″ Sliding Miter Saw
12″ Miter Saw
Stationary Belt/Disc Sanders
Wood Lathes
Drill Presses
Dust Collector
Pneumatic Random Orbital Sanders
23ga Pin Nailer
18ga Brad Nailers
18ga staplers
16ga Finish Nailer
Framing Nailer
Leigh Dovetail Jig
Biscuit Joiner
Profile Sanders
Power Carver
Router Table
Many Router Bits
Circular Saws
Belt Sanders
Oscillating Multi Tool
Reciprocating Saws
Wood Clamps
Many Hand Tools

Arc Welders
MIG Welders
TIG Welders
3 Oxy/Acetylene Rigs
Torches/Gas Welding Elbows/Rosebuds
Plasma Cutter
Welding Benches
Welding Screens
Bridgeport Mill
Metal Lathe
Horizontal Bandsaw
20 Ton Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Pipe Bender
8′ Brake
Drill Presses
Stationary Grinders
Angle Grinders
Pipe Thread Dies
Soldering Irons
Tap & Die Sets
Many Hand Tools

10,000lb Auto Lift
6,000lb Cherry Picker
Engine Stand
Transmission Jack
Car Ramps
Floor Jacks
Jack Stands
Gear Pullers
Impact Wrench
Many Wrenches
Diagnostic Tools
Used Oil Collection


3D Printers
Laser cutter/etchers
15hp/150gal Compressor for Shop Air
Jeweler’s Tools
Jeweler’s Torch
Soap Making Equipment
Industrial Sewing Machine
Serger Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine
Ski/Snowboard Tuning Tools
Drill Doctor
Laser Level
Plumbing Tools
Drywall Tools
Electrical Wiring Tools
Screen Repair Tools
Painting/Finishing Tools
Bottle Cutting Jigs For Handmade Glasses
Sharpening Stones
Many DIY Books & Magazines