August Classes

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Our August Classes are on the schedule and are available for sign ups. We have a wide range of classes in store for the month. Here’s summary of the list:

Kids’ Welding, Guitar Build Night (Every Tuesday), Shop Safety Orientation, DIY Cabinets, TIG Welding, Tire Rotation and Wiper Change Demo, Welding Workshop, Kids’ Woodshop, Mosaic Glass Class, Jewelry Class, Wood Lathe, Oil Change and Fluid Check Demo, Garden Art Weld Project, Router Class, Wine Bottle Drinking Glasses… And there are a few more to be added!

Sign up using our Book a Class Widget.

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4 Responses to "August Classes"
  1. freddy says:

    What schedule, where? Link maybe? What widget, where? Link maybe?

    • freddy says:

      Ah. On a desktop the schedule shows up in the right margin (which I tend to ignore because it’s usually filled with ads). On mobile you have to click a button after the fold that says something like “Mobile”. Might be nice to simply have a direct link from the home page that puts the schedule in the main body area.

      • Dave Danek says:

        Thanks for the comments freddy. Like so much that we do, the website is a DIY Project! We’re aware of the issues with the class sign ups and will soon be making changes like the ones you suggested. Stay tuned…

  2. Joan McFarland says:

    so excited for welding 🙂 🙂

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