DIY Party: camping chairs

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New to the DIYcave this year is our classroom available for rental for parties! Kevin Donaldson wanted to create a fun experience for his son’s birthday. Read along about their easy, fun project … minimalist camping chairs.

What gave you the idea to have a party at the Cave?
We wanted an option that felt a little more ‘grown-up’ since our son was turning 13. My sons and I had done a welding class a couple of years ago and I thought that doing a hands-on project would be a memorable experience for the boys. We did the project at the cave and then went back to our house to do games, bbq, and a backyard fire.

How did you come up with the idea to building camping chairs? What materials did you need?
I was in communication with the DIY team, and they were open to me selecting a project. I did some research on some projects that might be feasible in a 2-hour window that wouldn’t be overly complicated. The 1-board minimalist chair was one of the ideas, and with the help of the DIY team we narrowed in on this as the target based on a combination of time, cost, and difficulty. The chair was selected due to a classic design (research indicated that it may have been used as far back as Viking times) and something that could be used after each kid took it home.
I purchased the materials in advance and dropped them at the cave a couple days in advance. We used a 2x10x8ft piece of wood for each child. (Adults might prefer a 2×12 for some extra seating width)

How did the participants feel after doing the project?
All were really excited about their party ‘take-away’. Some had never done any sort of woodwork prior so it was for some scary but everyone walked away with a sense of accomplishment, and pride in their work. By the end of the period, we had to pry the kids out of the shop as they wanted to stay and ‘personalize’ each of their chairs with different cuts, and corner rounds + sanding. You really started to see individual personality come out.
They were also really impressed about how fast they could convert a piece of wood into a useful chair that could be broken down for travel.

Would you recommend friends having a party at the Cave? What would you tell them about your experience?
Definitely – it’s a great way to get kids working with their hands and create a sense of accomplishment. The staff was great to work with and very flexible. I was also impressed that the workshop leader took the time to build a simple plan and have it all printed out for the kids to follow.

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