Guitar Building Presentation

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Friday May 22nd  at 7pm

Have you ever thought about building your own electric guitar?  What happened next?  Stop by The DIYcave and I’ll tell you a little about what happened for me.  I’ll share with you some of the problems I encountered and how I solved them.  And you can take a tour of the new shop as well.

Come and learn how DIYcave is making it easier for your ideas to take shape and how you can share your guitar making reality.

TIM      Co-owner DIYcave

2 Responses to "Guitar Building Presentation"
  1. Danilo B says:

    Will you cover how to install pickups? I have a guitar that I’d love to put new pickups in, but I don’t know where to start.

    • Dave Danek says:

      Danilo B,
      We’re hosting Guitar Build Night every Tuesday at DIYcave. It’s not a class; it’s a gathering of guitar building enthusiasts getting together to work out ideas about building, modifying, and improving guitars. We’re making the shop resources available and we’re here to give advice and guidance. Professional guitar makers have been dropping in to share their knowledge as well. Bring your guitar and join in. Learning how to swap those pickups should be no problem!

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