Steward Spotlight: Kim

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Kim Gardner is new to Bend after sailing on research vessels for 10 years and living on the coast for 20 years. Now she’s landlocked and spending time at the DIYcave.

Why did you become a Steward?
I wanted to be around people who are creating. Even if I don’t have a project in mind or on the table, it’s good for my well-being to be involved with others that do.

What is your favorite part of being a Steward?
Witnessing and being a part of the growth of 9th Street Village as a whole. I walk around the compound when I start my shift and check out all the different spaces. What progress has Bevel Brewing made since I was here last week? What new projects is Stuart at Bright Place working on? What part of the Cave has Tim rearranged? Is my library book on the desk?
That and the Stewards get discounts on classes! I love learning new things, and I take classes as often as I can, from welding to glass mosaic stepping stones.

What skills are you hoping to improve on while being a Steward?
To regain my confidence in working with hand tools and machinery. I seem to have lost that since I stopped sailing.

What is your favorite project you witnessed while spending time at DIY Cave?
We have three tiny homes being built here right now that are all in different stages. I don’t ask the members very many questions about the steps or the layout, and I like the idea of showing up and seeing the grand finale.

Interested in becoming a DIYcave Steward? Drop us an email to learn more.

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