Meet the teacher: Rochelle

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Want to learn how to make copper hammered textured earrings OR design festive bobbles for the upcoming eclipse? Rochelle Davenport has you covered. Learn more about her and the classes she teaches at DIYcave.

How did you get into jewelry making?
I got into jewelry making after taking a metalsmithing course at a small jewelry making school in Depoe Bay, Oregon. There I found I had the talent to learn the fundamentals of working with silver and gold.

What can the student expect from the class?
Students can expect to learn how to use basic jewelry making hand tools to shape metal wire into their designs. They will get a feel for how metal wire reacts to being shaped and textured by the use of hand tools.

What tools will students use?
Students can expect to create one or two pairs of Solar Eclipse earrings made from copper and brass. They will also learn how to shape wire, solder, drill holes and texture the metal. Finally combining all the components together to create earrings.

How did you learn about DIYcave?
I found out about DIYCave through reading about jewelry making classes in the Bulletin newspaper.

Why do you like teaching at DIYcave?
What I like about teaching at DIYcave is being able to work with students who are so eager to learn about jewelry making. I also like teaching in a creative space where there is a variety of classes being taught.

What projects are you working on currently?
Now, I am working on a technique called reticulation. I am spending time experimenting with this technique and create beautifully textured material I then use to create rings, pendants, and other wearable jewelry.

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