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Intrigued by TIG welding? Learn more about TIG’s instructor Seth and what it’s all about.

TIG001How did I get into welding?
I got into welding in high school. Learning to weld and having a natural skill seemed to develop. I liked it and chose to seek out opportunities in the welding industry. Through my life, I’ve always been in the welding industry as an actual welder up until five years ago when I started on the sales side of the industry.

What’s TIG Welding?
TIG welding is short for Tungsten Inert Gas welding. The basic gist of the process is: the Tungsten is a high heat, hard metal, Like the filament in a light bulb but much larger. When the current (electricity) passes through the tungsten and JUMPS from the tungsten to the base material, it remains intact, but the heat is hotter than the base metal can withstand. The base metal near the tungsten melt and forms a puddle (liquid metal state) and is then able to be manipulated. It could be two pieces adjacent to each other, or a single piece. The pieces next to each other could be fused together with/ without filler metal. If filler metal is added, it is done manually with a person’s hand. The technique could make a weld have a certain “look” that is good or bad or a combination.

TIG Welding is a low fume, no spatter, spark free process typically used on Titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, steel, but certainly not limited to these. It’s a slower welding process but has it has advantages as I said before: low fume, spark free, spatter-free etc.

How did I learn about the Cave?
Someone shared a Facebook post, and I believe I made the connection with a radio ad. It caught my attention and decided to make sales call at the facility. Then through chatting with Aaron (DIYcave Founder), he mentioned the desire to have a TIG class.

Why do you like teaching at DIYcave?
I enjoy seeing students with the self-motivation to attend a class progress in such a short amount of time. Some students can learn to weld in just a few minutes while others learn in a couple of hours. I like the high amount of one-on-one instruction and the opportunity answer questions that can be simple and basic to complicated and deep. I enjoy sharing my experiences and personal approach to learning, adapting and discovering new views of welding. I all around enjoy seeing people learn a new skill. Something they can “DIY.”

Tell us about some projects you are working on?
I’m working on a simple device that can be welded onto a bolt action rifle. This knob adds leverage and eye appeal to rifles and functionality improvement. I’m also working on getting together equipment and tools to start casting metals such as brass, aluminium, and copper. Lastly, I’m starting a welding consulting company to help people either personally, or through business, to develop efficient and quality welding practices.

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