Member Spotlight: Keith

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Like many that live in Bend, Keith Robinson LOVES to be outdoors so when he had an idea to make his Honda Element into an adventure mobile, he joined the Cave and made it happen.

When you’re not making things at DIYcave, what can you be found doing?
I am an extremely active person. Often I can be found utilizing the things I have built at the DIYcave, most notably my Element camper. It makes overnight biking and skiing adventures that much easier.

Why did you become a member?
Well, I had passed by the DIYcave, with curiosity, numerous times. Once I finally took the time to walk in, it was indeed a, “why did I wait so long to come here” experience. At the time I had been hammering away on a project without the proper tools and space. It was also evident that the DIY community would be super helpful and a fun tribe to work around. It was a no-brainer decision once I took 5 minutes to walk inside.

What skills have you learned since joining DIYcave?
This list is long! The DIYcave is full of all kinds of tools and equipment that I have never used, from a table saw to a hand mill. To be honest, a lot of the tools would typically intimidate me, especially, using them around people I see as more proficient. I am generally a figure it out on my type of person, I struggle sometimes being seen doing things that I am not “good” at. However, this has not been the case at the Cave. Everyone has been non-judgemental and enthusiastic about teaching, offering a hand, or the second set of eyes. This created a comfortable open environment where I was not afraid to make mistakes and naturally fostered a productive learning environment. What I have learned goes well beyond how to use a table saw safely.

What are some of the projects you’ve worked on at DIYcave?
My Honda Element camper and everything connected to that was the most notable project. I also recently used the auto bay to drop my transmission and replace my clutch. Both were projects of utility, in the future, I would like to incorporate smaller projects that focus on creativity.

Favorite project you witnessed (besides yours) while hanging out at DIYcave?
Oh wow, there were so many people working on a variety of beautiful projects large and small. While I was working on my Element, there was a guy building a small mansion on a trailer. That was cool to witness. But so were a lot of the smaller projects. One guy was making a bed frame and headboard out of beautiful unfinished lumber that stands out — I will never go to IKEA again!

What advice would you give someone who wants to join DIYcave and start a project?
Seriously, take 5 minutes, walk in and go on a tour. It’s so cool to have access to everything. It will make your projects more manageable and allow you to put more creativity into it because of the tools and experience you will have within reach. Be transparent about your experience level; there is nothing to hide AND people want to help. It’s a great community!

Interested in becoming a member? Read on and stop in for a tour.

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