Operation Moto Dog

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Operation Moto Dog

Mallory showed up at DIYcave with a great project. She had a motorcycle and a sidecar and needed to pair them up. Her goal was to spend a couple weeks crafting the parts, get the sidecar mounted to the bike, and head off to Alaska with her sidekick, Baylor, riding shotgun. Their adventure is now well under way and you can follow along at Operation Moto Dog.

Check out what Mallory had to say about her experience at DIYcave and about finding a Community to support your dreams, your goals, your adventures! Can-Do-Community

Here are some photos we took along the way…

SC001 SC002 SC003 SC004 SC005 SC006 SC007 SC008 SC009 SC010 SC011 SC012 SC013 SC014 SC015 SC016

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