Project Spotlight: Old table reborn

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Maggie and her dad came to the DIYcave for some assistance on making an antique family table that held many memories into a smaller round version that could carry on making more in the future.

Tells us about your project:
Originally, this was my childhood table. It was a large rectangle of curly maple with a cherry border. Everything in my house growing up happened around the table: the first meals I cooked for my friends, family dinners, holidays, homework, and eventually, my husband and I announced our engagement to my parents while sitting at this table. All the swirls and knots in the grains of curly maple hold my strongest and best memories. I remember how the light hitting it in a certain way makes the table look bejeweled. Curly maple can sparkle and shine beautifully.

When I got married, my dad passed the table on to me. I made my children’s baby books while sitting at this table, hosted my own holidays with my family, and made even more memories. At some point along the way, the table got warped by the heat in a summertime cross country move. My dad came to Bend and took the table back to his workshop in Oakland, California. It laid in wait there for 10 years while my dad waited for my instructions for some updates I wanted him to make to the table.

In the meantime, my family and I moved into a small house where the table wouldn’t fit as it was, and then we lived abroad for several years. The table was stored in my dad’s workshop the whole time. After returning to our home and commencing a major remodel, I had my epiphany about the changes I wanted to be made to the table. I called my dad, and he assured me that it would be no problem to turn the rectangle into a 60″ diameter circle table. He asked me for a sketch of design, and shortly after that he got to work.

Why did you become a member?
I suppose I became a member when I moved back to Bend last summer, after our time abroad. I come to the DIY cave whenever my dad is in town. I love going to his shop in Oakland, but that’s not always feasible, so we appreciate having the Cave to use for our projects here in Bend. He and I work on a lot of projects together from ladders to shelves to simple improvement projects. My dad knows his way around a wood shop, so I act as his assistant when we are there. It’s a very happy place for me!

What skills have you learned since joining DIYcave?
I still don’t feel like I have the skills to make anything at the cave by myself, but I’ve learned how to be a great assistant for my dad!

Favorite project you witnessed (besides yours) while hanging out at DIYcave?
My favorite project I witnessed was someone building a tiny house on a trailer that could be used as a mobile home.

What advice would you give someone who wants to join DIYcave and start a project?
My advice for anyone starting out at the cave would be to get a mentor or take some classes before using the equipment! It’s fun to have a buddy who you can learn from and spend QT with while working on a project!

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