Project spotlight: step & repeat wall

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Steward Brian Grosso created a fun step and repeat wall for a local event. What’s a step and repeat wall? Read more about this creative project and find out.

How did you find out about DIYcave?
I moved to Bend last fall and only knew a few people. One of which is a Steward at the Cave. I had been interested in this model of business for several years. And after selling my business and moving here, becoming a Steward at DIYcave was an excellent opportunity to find inspiration for the next phase in my career as well as connect with a community of like-minded people.

Tell us about the project you did at DIYcave?
I built a “step and repeat” backdrop wall for the world premiere of Redbull Media House’s North of Nightfall mountain bike film. It is the background for photographers shooting the athletes, producers, and other participants as they cross the red carpet entering the film screening. I worked directly with Stuart’s of Bend to construct the 12’ x 8.5’ wall using reclaimed wood from Stuart’s gallery. I designed the wall to be modular so we could build it off-site then deliver it to the venue in Bend. Then I delivered the wall to a second film screening in Seattle. The final destination is in Malibu at the executive producers home.

What was your inspiration for the project?
I have a passion for design and working with reclaimed materials, so this was a fun project. Mainly since it was used as a prop for the Redbull film. It was great to tap back into that community – I spent my early years working in action sports… But the project pretty much fell in my lap through an old friend. And they had the concept and specs lined out. I just had to execute. But I was very inspired to do a great job on this with the prospect of future work with Redbull.

How did you prepare for the project?
Deep meditation to align my chakras.

What are some of the skills you learned at DIYcave?
I am learning every day. The DIYcave has given me an increased sense of humbleness. There is an incredible amount of talent and skill there amongst the owners, stewards, members, and tenants. It takes a team to accomplish. The DIYcave is a great asset for anyone who needs to find a community of skilled makers.

What were the easy and hard parts of your project?
This project was interesting and fun. It kind of just all came together. With Stuart’s help and the resources available at DIYcave, the job was relatively easy. But we only had a couple days to complete it, and so we put some long hours in.

Favorite project you witnessed (besides yours) while hanging out at DIYcave?
Damien at Bent Metal Works crafted a really cool memorial bench for a client of his. I have a metal structure and large plank seat and back which, he had another local artist burn a river scene into.

What advice would you give someone who wants to join DIYcave and start a project?
Jump right in, share your ideas with the community. And leverage the resources both human and material available at DIYcave. This is a great group of people!!

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