Snowboard and Ski tuning Class with Skjersaa’s

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Do you carve the mountains? Do you shred the slopes? Then you know that to do any carving or shredding your equipment must be in top shape. If you have ever tried to figure out how to maintain your skis/snowboard then you know that it isn’t something that should be done lightheartedly. You have to sharpen, polish, clean, wax, scrape and if you do it wrong you might not be improving your equipment.

That’s where this class comes in. The tuning experts from Skjersaa’s will be at the DIYcave at 6pm Thursday evening, with the proper equipment and benches for you to tune your planks. Bring your own skis or snowboard and tune them at the class with the guidance of experts. Ask questions and get qualified answers on things like what angle to sharpen at, what do the different types of wax do, and more. If you already pay for these services you will know that having this done for you costs more than half of what this class costs! Plus, how much cred do you get by telling people that you tune your own equipment?

The class will be 2 hours long and the cost is $45 dollars. You can book the class using the “BOOK A CLASS” widget on the right side of this page (or if you are on a mobile device scroll to the bottom and click the big green START MOBILE button.) This class is limited, so sign up now to guarantee a spot for yourself.

Snowboard tuning tools and stands

Snowboard tuning tools and stands

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