Steward of the Month: Chloe

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Meet Chloe Leis, one of our younger stewards. When she’s not attending high school, she has a tremendous passion for the arts and a curiosity of the creative.

Tell us about yourself 
I have always been a maker, especially since I had the pleasure to grow up with Aaron Leis (DIYcave owner) as my father. I love art, whether that translates to drawing dragons or fabricating intricate costumes, I love anything creative and artsy. When I’m at DIYcave, I generally work on the Glowforge and/or 3D printer, but I also know how to use many metal and woodworking tools. I use the Glowforge to run jobs for clients (like Stuart’s of Bend) or make my own, neverending list of projects. Lately, I have been attracted to the art of costuming, creating cosplay out of fabric and foam to wear to conventions like Comic-Con. I can’t wait to meet new makers, and I would love to meet you! Stop by my family’s studio space at DIYcave, right next to the classroom. I may be there.

Why did you become a Steward?
Honestly, I had spent so much time at the cave already, it just seemed to fit! I love hanging out at the shop and meeting new people.

What is your favorite part of being a Steward?
Being able to help people learn new things. Whether I’m giving someone a tour of the shop or teaching them how to use a machine, it fills me with joy to be able to help out.

What skills are you hoping to improve on while being a Steward?
I want to be able to expand my palette. By learning about other people’s stories, passions, and projects, I hope to learn new skills of my own and dive deeper into the world of makers.

What is your favorite project you witnessed while spending time at DIYcave?
I love watching tiny houses get built. I like being able to see something evolve from a trailer or foundation to an actual building that someone can live in. I’ve seen a few made at the cave over the years. A tiny house can be so complicated and has such a significant impact on someone’s life, that when people decide to build their own, it’s just fascinating to watch it happen.

Interested in becoming a DIYcave Steward? Drop us an email to learn more.

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