Steward of the month: Leo

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Meet Steward of the Month, Leo Gothberg! Former Marine, computer geek, and student. Read more about why he volunteers at our makerspace. Leo was the brains behind the Steward on Duty sign at the Cave.

Tell us about yourself:
I’m a geek with a love for good animation (despite the fact that I can’t draw more than basic stick figures myself), former Marine, and current Computer Science student at OSU Cascades about to start my senior year. I value individual freedom and the responsibilities that go with it, and will defend them every chance I get.

Why did you become a Steward?
I became a Steward at the DIYcave because I value the ability for everyone to fix things, or make them from scratch. The “disposable” nature of most products on the market is repugnant to me in principle. I benefitted greatly from having an auto shop during my time in the Marines, and learned a lot about maintaining my car buy doing my own brake service, transmission replacement, oil changes, and tune-ups. I just want others to have the same chances. Not having the tools or space to do a project is usually the limiting factor, and the Cave is a way to get people over that hurdle.

Beyond that, it’s often difficult to find that perfect piece of furniture when you have an odd little corner to fill in the house. Why not just make it yourself?

What is your favorite part of being a steward?
Teaching others a new skill when they have a project. I love working with metal and welding is a huge part of that, but it’s not a skill most people have. It’s not especially hard, but it can be a bit intimidating and indeed takes time to master (something I’m still working on myself).

I’ve seen people that have gone from (almost literally) not knowing how to swing a hammer to building a complete tiny home. That’s a great thing to be a part of.

What skills are you hoping to improve on while being a steward?
I’m still working to improve my welding, and want to spend more time with the new forge. Someday I might even try and learn how to use wood for something.

What is your favorite project you witnessed while spending time at DIYcave?
Seeing the DIYcave itself grow. It’s less a “project” and more of a continually ongoing effort, but all the extra space we’ve gained over the last three years has made it possible for people to do so much more than they could when we started. After that trying to pick any one project as a favorite is like being a hyperactive puppy in a room full of squirrels. You just become paralyzed with the number of choices.

Interested in becoming a DIYcave Steward? Drop us an email to learn more.

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