Steward of the month: Sarah

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Sarah has been a faithful Steward since fall of 2016. Even though we’ve featured our “Shop Mom” before, we decided to chat with Sarah about some of the changes she’s experienced over the last 2.5 years.

Tell us about yourself?
I travel around Central Oregon taking care of pets and homes. When I’m not at work, creating commissioned fiber art, interior decorating/landscaping, studying for online courses or stewarding at DIYcave. I am having love affairs with running on river trails, ice skating at The Pavilion, hiking up or flying down a mountain on foot, snowshoes, cross country skiing depending on the season, car camping/backpacking in beautiful places, weight training for the Pacific Crest Trail challenge…music and visual art at local in-town gatherings.

I need the outside world. I love the mountains and getting out to see as much as I absolutely can while I’m on this spinning rock. I enjoy, truly enjoy, the relationship I engage and have developed with the land over the years, as well as connecting with others—both human and 4-legged—and with the natural world, whether it is introducing others to new things for the first time or helping someone reinforce and solidify their connection with the natural world.

What’s your role at the Cave?
As a Shop Steward, it’s my job to make it a great place to be for all the members/guests who use it. I view myself a receptionist, a face of DIYcave—one whom our members/guests deal with first, go to for information, and/or ask for help navigating around the shop.

Aside from taking calls, directing visitors and keeping the shop clean/orderly, I manage the class/workshop/private event schedule for DIYcave.

Why did you become a Steward?
See January 2017 post.  DIYcave empowers people by providing a safe environment, tools, expert guidance and teaching skills that people like me didn’t have a chance to learn. Each new skill learned (since July 2016) awakens the creative spirit within me. When I step in the cave, I feel the creative vibes instantly and love seeing the sparkles in all the makers.

DIYcave is all volunteer run. It opens when people are willing/committed to be there to open the doors. I’m thrilled for an opportunity to give back in a small way.

What is your favorite part of being a Steward?
Each day brings new excitements. New projects. New ideas. Each day I’m here, I learn, grow, and serve a purpose—delivering impact. It’s powerful.

DIYcave contributes more than space, resources, time and money. Their ideas, volunteer power, openness to educate, inspire, & empower…are are a key component in helping build stronger communities. I’m a part of it all along with the owners and other Stewards—delivering impact, my favorite part of being a Steward.

What’s your favorite skill you’ve learned as a Steward?
Handyman skills such as basic plumbing, light fixtures/door/cabinet repair, gardening, landscaping, and so on. As a housesitter and housekeeper in my “day job” these skills have been very handy in cases of leaking faucets and other issues that have occurred.

Since you’ve been a Steward for a while, what are some of your favorite changes you’ve witnessed?
Total transformation of DIYcave and creation of “The Village”—9th Street Village. The addition of DIYcave Annex, the Tech Room and Machine Shop. Giving birth to unique, inviting coworking, maker/artist studio spaces in SE side of Bend. The new food truck pod and Brewery oasis in town.

What is your favorite project you witnessed while spending time at DIYcave?
Mega documentary installation to be unveiled and permanently housed in Bend Rock Gym, Bend, Oregon.

What advice would you give someone who wants to join DIYcave and start a project?
DIYcave has truly created a strong culture and helped to shape the maker community. No matter the task owners, Stewards, and members are eager to help. Everyone here is highly engaged and excited to see you/your project idea succeed. Jump right in.

Interested in becoming a DIYcave Steward? Drop us an email to learn more.

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