Steward Spotlight: Clay

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Clay is a local bartender with aspirations of steering his career path into more of a creative, maker type situation. He’s new to making and to discovering his creativity. Here’s why Clay is a Steward at DIYcave …

Tell us about yourself.
My main interests in life revolve around the outdoors. I have my scuba diving license, and I am currently working on getting my skydiving license. I have 18 jumps under my belt and am looking to get in a whole lot more. My other main passions are mountaineering and rock climbing. Heights are a friend of mine, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing the world from unique perspectives. I have long-term goals of big mountain alpineering, and am loosely planning a trip to Nepal within the next year or two.

Why did you become a Steward?
I became a Steward to (hopefully) begin to facilitate the goal of being more creative. I have always liked the idea of being handy, but have never tried to do so, so here I am! I enjoy the community and knowledge pool that comes with the DIYcave. I can go in with my project in mind and put my head down and do my thing, while at the same time know that I have resources that I can tap into for advice and input.

Favorite part about being a Steward?
Everyone is always willing – even excited- to help, and that makes a massive difference to someone who is so new to the craft.

What skills are you looking to improve as a Steward?
My main interests currently lie in developing proficiency with the laser cutter. My end game is to create mathematically inspired art, using fractals and other techniques I learned in college. I also wish to develop some woodworking skills, starting with small projects like picture frames and shelves.

Favorite project you witnessed at the Cave?
I always really enjoyed seeing the pieces that Peter brings through the Cave. The combination of live edge and clean straight lines is very pleasing to the eye.

Why would you recommend a DIYcave membership or even becoming a Steward?
I would recommend anyone with a desire to step out of (or into) their comfort zone become a member of the DIYcave. The satisfaction that comes with completing a piece, or even just getting past an unforeseen obstacle is quite rewarding. As a Steward, you get a behind the scenes look at all that is going on at the Cave. As someone who is new to almost all facets of craftsmanship, becoming a Steward first allowed me time to get my feet wet and slowly introduce myself to this world.

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