Steward Spotlight: Courtney Grove

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Courtney is a Jill of All Trades! She’s a fantastic woodworker and strives to learn new skills at any chance! Read more about her story and why she is a Steward.

Tell Us About Yourself:
I moved to Bend from Hawaii a little over 3 1/2 years ago. I love the four amazing seasons and all of the outdoor adventures that Bend has to offer. I work at Deschutes Brewery which has been an awesome job to have a lot of growth opportunities and obviously lots of delicious beer! I could geek out on the science behind beer and the brewing processes all day long. I do have a small woodworking business that has started to take off. My main focus has been geometrical home decor with a modern vibe.

My pieces are consciously designed with clean lines and contrast that reach out and grab your eyeballs. I keep busy with frequent local art shows and custom orders for folks and other business owners in the community. I am also a full-time student, finishing up my last year in the Welding Technology program.

By next year, I will be a certified welder along with certifications in Blueprint and Manufacturing/Machining technology. At that point, I plan to move back to Portland to work for a company that specializes in large structural art.

When I’m not working, schooling or creating at the DIYcave (which is almost never these days), you can find me hiking up a mountain or flying down a mountain on either a snowboard or a longboard depending on the season.

Why did you become a Steward?
I wanted to become a part of the maker community and surround myself with photographers, welders, woodworkers, techies, painters and so many other creative individuals because I wanted to learn a lot of different trades and skills. It’s a great place to learn and ask questions. I’m always looking over someone’s shoulder watching what they are doing or making and asking a million questions. Everybody there, whether its the owners, Stewards or members, are excited to share what they know or offer ideas if you’re stuck on something. It’s an awesome place to be part of.

What is your favorite part of being a Steward?
Getting to make projects for the Cave and learning how to use different tools and equipment. I’ve learned a lot of new skills and gained a lot more confidence in certain areas (especially the wood shop) through being assigned projects for the Cave.

What are you hoping to improve on as a Steward?
I am hoping to improve my ability to operate every piece of equipment in the shop and feel confident doing so. This will also allow me to help members who come in and need to use equipment that they have never operated before. I have come a long way since I started volunteering but there is still a lot to learn.

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