Steward Spotlight: Rachel

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Rachel Goforth is passionate about music and art. She’s into sculpting clay, writing, belly dancing and more. She found the Cave when looking for a place to convert a 1975 GMC school bus into a home. Read on about her story and some of her favorite “Cave” things.

Tell us about yourself
I didn’t start living life until I moved here to Bend, Oregon about three years ago. I fell in love with the optimist, rich atmosphere! I have met so many positive like-minded people here! I come from a sad background and for me to find the DIYcave and meet Aaron Leis for the first time changed my life! Never have I heard of a makerspace nor was I ever given the opportunity to learn so many skills. I found the DIYcave with a 1975 GMC school bus conversion project in mind, with my boyfriend’s help at the time. I felt with the DIYcave access to tools and a knowledgeable community mixed with my boyfriend’s 20 years of experience in construction, we’d build our home in that bus within a year. In that year I also started Stewarding.

Why become a Steward?
A small part was to help save some funds for membership but above all, I became a Steward to thank the guys and show my appreciation for all they’ve done for me. I fell in love with the DIYcave, the owners and everything that the Cave represents! The Cave is like a central hub for sharing knowledge through hands-on learning skills and networking throughout our community. I still carry extra DIYcave cards in my wallet to pass out to this day!

What’s your favorite part about the Cave?
I love being the cleaning lady! I love to clean and organize things. I believe you need to start with a clean slate if you want to create something great. Also, no one should have to sit in a dirty bathroom or work in a dirty environment. I also do enjoy just giving tours and talking about the Cave in all its awesomeness.

What skills have you learned while at the Cave?
I learned how to use a band saw and basic welding 101.

What is the favorite project you witnessed while being a Steward?
The transformation of Griffin Hall. I liked to not only witness its transformation but be a part of it too! Everything from the paper floors to painting the office doors. It was a great change for the DIYcave! The next best thing from our whiteboard burning!

What advice would you give to prospective members?
Take pride in what you do here; this is a place of passionate creativity that can only flourish! You’re here to help it grow to greatness.


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