Steward Spotlight: Tim

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Tim Burnett is our Steward of the month! When Tim isn’t teaching as a professor of kinesiology at OSU-Cascades, he’s a typical Bendite who enjoys the outdoors and a tasty IPA who has a love for woodworking.

Why did you become a Steward?
I was there so often working on projects, and learning the workings of the DIYcave, the owners and Stewards kept wondering when I was going to become a Steward myself.

What is your favorite part of being a Steward?
All the perks that come with a community of kind, passionate, and knowledgeable people.

What skills are you hoping to improve on while being a Steward?
I would like to get better at making things square. Wood or metal, learning how to get things accurately square would be a very useful new skill.

What skill have you mastered since becoming a Steward?
The first class I took at the DIYcave was on the wood lathe. After watching so many videos, it seemed like a very satisfying process. I was right! Now, after a couple years of messing around, I can say I know… some things. Definitely not mastered, but my good grasp of the basics and my desire to teach has lead me to teach the wood lathe class at the DIYcave. I’m so happy that the members who have taken the class also feel that same satisfaction once they learn.

What is your favorite project you witnessed while spending time at DIYcave?
I have so much respect for people taking on tiny homes. While many of the ones at the cave were large in scale, the one that sticks out is a van conversion by a married couple. They had never done anything like it and failed/learned a lot along the way.

What advice would you give someone who wants to join DIYcave and start a project?
Jump in, the water is fine. Really, everyone at the DIYcave is ready and willing to help you with whatever part of your project.

Interested in becoming a DIYcave Steward? Drop us an email to learn more.

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