Steward Spotlight: Chuck Bronson

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Chuck wanted to find a place where he could make a difference while staying in Bend and has found that in the cave. Learn about his favorite parts of being a Steward at the cave.

A little about Chuck
I’m a stand-up comedian originally from Los Angeles. I live on the road going from show to show, but I decided to spend a year in Bend because I love it so much. The people, the weather, and the landscapes are all incredible. I’m the proud owner of an amazing bulldog named Sloth that travels everywhere with me in a van that I turned into a tiny home. Complete with a well-stocked galley and a hammock. As much as I love to spend time in the Cave, my three passions are my bulldog, making people laugh, and traveling.

Why did you become a Steward?
I became a Steward because I wanted to volunteer and in some way, give something back to Bend while I am here. I wanted to be a part of the community instead of just floating on the surface of it. On top of that, I love building things. I love turning things I hold in my imagination, into things I hold in my hands. Living on the road I don’t have the opportunities to do that, so it’s been immensely gratifying to come in and get to do all those things at DIYcave and 9th Street Village.

What is your favorite part of being a Steward?
My favorite part of being a Steward is getting to interact and pick the brains of all the different people that come into the cave. There is such a diverse array of skills, talents, and specialties that any time you walk in the door, you may learn some new fact or technique, or get a lesson of some sort from someone with a lifetime of experience, and that’s not even counting the classes that are available. Outside of all the technical skills you can learn at the cave, the skill I’d like to improve on most is the skill of collaboration. I’d like to become better and combining my strengths with the strengths of others to create things that couldn’t have been possible otherwise.

What is your favorite project you witnessed while spending time at DIYcave?
This might sound odd, but my favorite project to witness was the construction of some simple storage shelves we built for the cave. Someone decided we needed shelves. Someone picked up lumber. I created the shelves with the help of Tim, one of the cave owners. It became a bit of a learning experience as he taught me some new techniques in the process. After the shelves were up, someone else stacked them up with gear and organized them. Now we have a beautiful, clean, organized storage area that benefits everyone.

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