Teacher Spotlight: Ben Schade

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Are you interested in taking Sheet Metal Art classes? Get to know instructor Ben Schade and why he loves the DIYcave.

How did you become a maker?
I learned my craft back in 1997 when I was hired as an apprentice by a man named Doug Benko. I spent the next two years learning everything I could from Doug then started my own business making art from metal.

What can students expect from the class?
Students can expect to learn how to cut sheet metal with an oxygen and acetylene torch using a welding tip. They will also learn about forming and finishing the metal using fire and hammers and an introduction to brazing.

What tools will students use?
The students will use the oxygen and acetylene torch hammers, anvils, brass and flux.

Why do you like teaching at DIYcave?
I love teaching at the DIYcave because it is very fulfilling to give people access to becoming creative and watch the effects of people discovering new possibilities that they did not realize yet.

Any cool projects you’ve witnessed at DIYcave?
It’s hard to pick out one cool project. I think the whole DIYcave is so awesome and I’m glad to see it keep growing.

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