Teenager and a Motorcycle

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The story behind this bike start with a Christmas present for a twelve year old boy. When my son Canyon was twelve and into exploring the mechanical world. By this I mean I was finding my tools spread out around the house and yard. By the way, they don’t react well with lawnmower blades.  I happened to come across a craigs list add for minibikes. This turned out to be mostly a truck load of parts without anything that was complete or running in any sort of usable way.  Shortly after Christmas I had to leave town for work and when I came back he had completely dismantled his first Briggs & Stratton engine.  To his credit he had also put it mostly back together.  Needless to say I was quite impressed and eventually together we were able to get a complete mini bike running. It’s still in the garage and still running.  It didn’t take long for him to want to move on to bigger and better things.


Our next bike was a 1970 Honda ct70h. Typically known as the mini trail. This bike ran when we got it, but gave us fits for a couple years. Sometimes running, sometimes not.  A continual project that became frustrating to a young teenager. Until one day Canyon says to me, when it was actually running well, ”Dad, next time it breaks down we’re taking it down to nuts and bolts.”  I think it was about two weeks later when it caught on fire.  After shoveling sand on it to put the fire out, it was obvious what was coming next.  I’d like to say what a great thing this turned out to be. Any of you who have teenagers will understand what I’m talking about.  There are very few things that I’ve found that a teenager wants to do with their parents and to be able to have this project to work on with him was pretty special.

ct70h burnt                   220871_1840707695240_8049023_o

It took a couple donor bikes, of which we still have one, that rides great but looks a little rough, and some internet parts searches. Canyon did a bunch of the work himself while I was away and we spent endless hours working and talking about how it would all come together until a couple years later when he saw an add looking for participants for the classic chrome motorcycle show.  He sent in a picture of where we were on the project and they wanted us to enter the bike.  That lit the final fire under us to finally get the project completed.  Canyon has finally moved out to get started on his own life with strict instructions not to ever sell this bike. As if I could.

ct70h frame                                ct70h engine prep

ct70h engine             ct70h frame and wheels



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